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sorry I’m listening to my NoVa fanmix and drawing Nokama next to Vakama for comparison, I just have a lot of NoVa feels okay okay

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Sorting my new haul and decided to upgrade my Metrus while I was at it and then this happened.

NoVa hug.


Also badasses.

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BIONICLE: The 30 Day Challenge (I’m gonna be a lazy bum and do it all at once)


1. How long have you been a Bionicle fan?

Since, like…forever?  I really don’t know when it started.

2. Do you have a favourite character? If so,who?

Vakama.  I really really like Vakama.

3. What about a least favourite character?

Sidorak.  He was such a useless spoiled brat.

4. Favourite line/year?

Metru Nui and Visorak era.

5. Do you think Lego could’ve ended Bionicle with better sets than the STARS sets?

Hells yeah.  Or even better, not end it at all.

6. What do you think happened to the Toa Mahri after the golden being’s demise?

I don’t remember this being a thing…I stopped following the story after the last comic serial ended.

7. What’s your opinion on the Macku/Hewkii pairing?

I’m cool with them.  I don’t know much about this pairing, but it’s all good.

8. Okay, now, do you ship any Bionicle characters? (romantic or non-romantic)

Vakama/Nokama, romantic; Kopaka & Tahu, non-romantic; Onewa/Krakha, both romantic and non.  There’s really not that much…

9. I assume you have a least favourite ship?

Vakama/Nokama.  All.  The.  Way.

10. Do you like Bionicle/other fandom crossovers?

I like modern day/human AUs.  Don’t know about fandoms, though…maybe Madoka Magica crossover?

11. Do you think Bionicle has a life-lesson or two to be learned?

The whole thing was a life lesson for me.  The Metru Nui/Visorak era and the Voya Nui era strike me as super-important.  I relate to the characters and situations of those eras really well.  There’s just so many lessons to be learned from the whole franchise.

12. Do you have a self-MOC?


13. Oh? Who is your arch enemy?


14. Of the 4 movies, do you have a favourite?

Mask of Light had the best music, but Metru Nui has my favorite plot.

15. List some pros of the Glatorian series.

It looked at the world outside of the Matoran.

16. List some cons of the Glatorian series.

It looked at the world outside of the Matoran and made everything WAYYY to complicated.

17. Now,you probably have some historical knowledge of the Bionicle universe. Which era would you like to live in?

I’d like to live in the Mata Nui era.  Everything just seems really cool and simple with minimal society/institution corruption.

18. Quick, Metru Nui is under attack! The first object to your right is your weapon and the last song you listened to plays as you enter the scene.

A brick wall and “I Gotta Feeling.”  Well, then…

19. Who’s your all-time favourite MOCer?

Don’t have one.

20. What is/was your best MOC?

I did some really neat modifications to my Matoro and gave him a gigantic bow and wings.  Also made a character variation on Lariska that turned out really nice.

21. Did you know there was supposed to be a 5th Bionicle movie?

Probably not.  It’s hard to think of an idea for a 5th movie that would do well…

22. Were you one of the fans that got emotional over Matoro’s death?

No, b/c I totally saw it coming.

23. What’s one thing about Bionicle you find debatable?

The interpretation of the story beyond the canon.  There are lots of interesting ideas and it’s equally interesting to hear the reasonings behind each one of them.

24. Favourite weapon/vehicle?

Rhotuka (wrong spelling) spinners.

25. Favourite element?

Classic: fire.  Expanded universe: iron or gravity.

26. Do you have friends or family that also like Bionicle?

I have one who’s followed the story as long as I have, but he’s more interested in the toys.

27. If you could add 1 mask power, what would it be?

Spacetime manipulation.

28. Do you accept Mata Nui as your lord and saviour?


29. Are you an all-out Bionicle nerd/know-it-all?


30. Do you think Bionicles might be real in some parallel universe?

A really, really distant one.

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