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Me: *puts new bionicle set on the counter to purchase*
Me: *goes home and builds my set*
Me: Hmm, as much as I'd like to believe this evidence, it seems a little sketchy, so I'm going to say this is fake, sorry guys, I just can't see bionicle coming back anytime soon.






dude how messed up would it be if vakama was actually dropped into that furnace

I mean, the aftermath would be like

…oh god

it’s not so much that it’s vakama, but more that it’s a kinda freakish way to kill a matoran

An AU where Vakama doesn’t make it out alive from that encounter.

That means only five Toa Metru 

And Toa Lhikan because if Vakama died before he ever activates his Toa stone Lhikan doesn’t lose all his toa energy.


What an interesting thought

The Matoran who was destined to succeed Lhikan as the next fire Toa dying. Oh god Lhikan would never forgive himself.



I figured that if Lhikan remained a Toa, he would train them properly and they wouldn’t have to go about not really knowing what they’re doing. And since Lhikan was already suspicious of fake Dume, maybe they’d deal with him earlier when they still had time? As well as Nidhiki and Krekka now that there’s five other Toa. They could still do the protodermis cage on Makuta since Lhikan provides the fire element. And I guess that would mean Metru Nui wouldn’t have fallen either. So basically it’s a happy ending except Lhikan has Vakama’s death hanging over him, so it’s not all that happy really. And there’s no one for Matau and Onewa to call “fire-spitter” because there’s no way they’d say that to Lhikan.


But then again, it doesn’t seem to be very vital in an AU like this, so idk.

Before Lhikan can train the Toa metru they’d still need to find him though, right? Because Nidhiki and Krekka would have still captured him even with Vakama dead… or would they? No, he would still have been hand cuffed/ energy netted (depending if you prefer the book or movie interpretation of events) when Vakama gets dropped…

So yeah, the five Toa metru would need to find Lhikan.

That, that’s gonna be really difficult. They literally have no idea what happened to him after he gave them their Toa Stones. I can imagine Lhikan would have broken out - because lets face it, that prison was not designed to keep in a veteran Toa (unless he’d turned into a Turaga before he was thrown into a cell, which means that cell was meant for a turaga and newbie Toa not a seasoned Toa and holy fucking shit ) - but even with that the Toa Metru would have a needle in a hay stack problem on their hands. 

This is turning out to be a one big Holy Shit of an AU.

I feel like Makuta Dume would brand the Newbie Toa as Rogues earlier on. He had his pet Scary Big Bird (what was it called, a Newvhak?) keep tabs on them right? So he’d know that they have absolutely no idea what to do with them selves. I don’t know if he’d lure them to the colosseum or just make a Metru-Nui wide  announcement that the Toa Metru are Bad and kiddnapped Lhikan or something else but they would pretty much be on the run from the get go. With the Morbuzak still at large and Nidhiki and Krekka trying to nab them from the shadows… hahaha their life sucks.

If we stick to the scenario where Lhikan manages to break out he can then make some noise and turn the Matoran against Fake Dume but he’d have to plan his cards right if he doesn’t want to have a bloody cluster fuck on his hands. 

Maybe he’d keep quite and find the Toa Metru first? Idk, my mind is filled with ‘oh shit!’.

OH god, Vakama’s death would wreck Lhikan because Vak wasn’t just the next Fire Toa To Be, he was his friend. Or thats how I’ve been interpreting their interactions (and a good chunck of the fandom, I think).

If the Toa Metru and Lhikan manage to survive this chaos of an AU it would be really interesting to see how Vakama haunts them, mainly with Lhikan and him giving snippets to the others about who the Fire-Spitter was. While Lhikan is trying to reconsile with Vak’s death I think each of the Toa Metru will have different reactions to Vakama the Ghost and I don’t think everyone will have a positive reaction to it. They’re already under one big ass shadow that is Lhikan, they do not need two.

Holy shit thats right! No Vakama = no Vahi = Teridax’s plan aquires a big dent from the get go. The Makuta would be so pissed at Nidhiki — I wonder if he’d kill him? hmmmmmm. 

Oh my god with the direction that this AU is going, it looks like it actually has a legitimate storyline.

I feel like in an AU like this, even though Vakama is dead he still has a large presence in it because Lhikan would probably mention him a lot to the other Toa as another teammate who was supposed to be with them, but the rest of the Metru don’t really think much of it because they never got to know Vakama personally. Oh my god, I think that this event change the course of their destinies in some way because Vakama was the destined Toa of Fire. So when they opened the Suva, they picked out their tools and all that’s left is a disk launcher and they’re like “Who’s this for? And whose mask is on this Ta-Metru disk?”

#SPIRIT STAR!!! #the Toa metru can use the spirit star to track Lhikan down! #Ok so they have SOME sort of direction #there should be like a parallel moment #where Lhikan visits Vakama’s forge after everything gets fixed #I hope #he probably made sure that the forge was left alone #so he could eventually get the guts to go there #and when he does he’s looking through Vak’s stuff #kind of how Vakama did with Lhikan’s #and he’s trying to find closure #or trying to gather as much of Vakama as he can #basically going through the rickity pain that’s mourning #oh god I totally want him to collect Vakama’s things #and He’ll find the pile of broken Vahi masks and take a few #Oh no I made Lhikan into a very sad Fire toa #oh no Lhikan don’t cry #fuck my life I’m getting emotional #Sparks rants about bionicle #and sniffles

Ohhhhh no oh god now I’m thinking about Lhikan finding the toa stone that Vakama hid and just


HOOLY HSIT OKAY so I just got this massive plot idea from all this:

If we bring in the “Vakama is a Time Guardian” headcanon (he’s the protector of the Vahi and all that shit), then this particular time line is completely messed up b/c the Mask of Time was never created (which was something Vakama, as a Time Guardian, was destined to do).  So everything starts getting all whacked up because the power of time was suppossed to be henceforth contained within the mask; but with no mask, that power has nowhere to focus and starts going crazy.  Basically, the world would gradually fall apart until it reached complete temporal chaos.  The Toa Metru and Lhikan discover this and realize they have to “fix” their timeline somehow, but with no Mask of Time, how the heck are they going to fix this?

If we borrow from Einstein’s theories and bring in the concept of time and space being interwoven, then while time is falling apart, so is the substance of the universe — which means that the “boundaries” between this timeline and other dimensions whose boundaries are weakening start melding (think Thor 2).

Now, can you think of any other potentially canon Bionicle timelines in which the power of time is uncontained?  BAM — BRING IN THE AU IN WHICH VAKAMA SMASHED THE MASK OF TIME DURING HIS CONFRONTATION WITH MAKUTA.

So all this weird shit is happening and the Toa have no idea what to do and SUDDENLY VAKAMA LANDS IN THEIR TIMELINE AND WHAT THE HELL SO MUCH CONFUSESSESEEEION!!!  After the initial shock, they realize that, now they have a living Vakama with them, they can use the Mask of Time to go back and prevent their own Vakama’s death.  Problem: AU!Vakama smashed his Mask of Time.  So they have to go find the Great Disks so he can recreate it.

Queue lots of adventuring and questing with dimensional rifts and various setbacks and obstacles.  Insert lots of fun moments as the Toa Metru get to know Vakama.  And, of course, gratuitous feels as Lhikan and Vakama tell each other everything that happened in their timelines and both find closure.

The Mask of Time eventually gets completed, and the universe begin righting itself.  But because the Vahi can only allow the user to travel linearly in one timeline (the Olmak allows travel between different ones), AU!Vakama has to get himself back to his own timeline before all the rifts close up entirely.  After everyone says goodbye, AU!Vakama and Lhikan travel together into the past to prevent present-timeline!Vakama’s death.  AU!Vakama uses the mask to travel back to the future to find the time rifts as Lhikan succeeds in rescuing Matoran Vakama (as the canon goes).

Meanwhile, AU!Makuta followed Vakama through the time rifts to the present dimension (which has yet to be affected by Lhikan’s altering).  Realizing that this timeline, after it has been fixed, will become identical to the one he is from, Vakama smashes the Mask of Time again and the two timelines (now identical) merge, and Vakama and Makuta find themselves back in the moment right before Vakama is about to smash the Vahi.  Knowing that this time there is no “mistake” parallel world to escape to, Makuta agrees to Vakama’s terms and the canon timeline carries on.





[Mata Nui voice] You understand the feels.  You are a true NoVa shipper.

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My hand slipped.
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My hand slipped.

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I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who doesn’t approve of Female Tamaru or Transmaru

*curls up on floor*

Go on, yell and stomp on me for not agreeing with something that is far from ever being canon

(I believe in Trans happening in the Human Universe but hnnnn)

hey that’s ok. It’s just fanon. Everyone has their own interpretation, and even if 1,000 people believe in a piece of fanon, that STILL doesn’t make it canon.

Frankly, I don’t get it, but I’m not gonna challenge it. It’s not doing me any harm.

There is one thing that has been nagging at me, though, if anyone cares to explain: Why Tamaru, specifically?

Basically it was “oh look this character acts a little weird, therefore [insert trans headcanon here]”

The great thing about headcanons is that they follow Schroedinger’s law/principle/thing: they are both true and false at the same time. And the only become one or the other until a person decides on one or the other.

Don’t want the cat to be dead? Then the cat isn’t dead. Think the cat is dead anyways. Okay, it’s dead. Which one is it really?


And here’s secondaries. No “purely” canon colors because I have nowhere to sample from, so this is my take on how they would look like. If you like it and want to use it for reference, sure. If you have suggestions, my askbox and fanmail are open, or you can suggest it with reblogs (but it will not ensure that I’ll see your suggestions). If you don’t like it, please don’t flip out. You are free to have your own opinion on how secondary elements should look, but keep in mind that this is. like, 80% canon colors, with minor adjustments.

Why is everyone so eager for Bionicle to be robooted instead of continued? • /r/bioniclelego


One of the greatest things I’ve seen on reddit.





The Toa Mata are the Bionicle equivalent of teenagers trying to learn to become responsible adults.

The Toa Nuva are the adults realizing they can’t just pretend to be responsible — they actually have to act responsible.

The Toa Metru are the guys who suddenly won the lottery and are trying to…

Nah, you got it wrong. I’ll tell you what they are: they’re fuckin’ wimps, every last one of ‘em. “Acting responsible” didn’t help the Toa Nuva not get their asses totally fucking kicked. And don’t even mention the Toa Inika — they’re fuckin’ laughable.

(But they were probably tripping balls, I’ll give you that. Seemed high as fuck every time I fought ‘em.)

Says the guy with a major case of split-personality.

So, what, you makin’ fun of mental illness now? Yeah, real highbrow. Stay fuckin’ classy, man.

Oh, and fuck you and Vezon both. Hell, fuck each other. Just fuck off.

(And I’m stickin’ by my story. Those Toa Inika were high as BALLS.)

Dude.  You are literally two different people in two seperate bodies.  I think “mental illness” is an understatement.


Just a little peek at what i’m working on. It’s pretty finished, and now I have a long way before I can put that project to rest.

Top one is my take on canonical fire colorscheme, and bottom one is canonical fire color scheme sampled from various sources.