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Bionicle Headcanon


I’m sorry, I was just feeling angsty. Sort of a depressing headcanon. Or funny, depending on your sense of humor.

Headcanon: Kopaka and Pohatu never got off the Red Star. They cleaned it up, got it working again, but never found a way off. Instead, they just hung out talking to the dead people who spawned there and helping them through the respawning process. Unbeknownst to them, a story is created by the respawned ones about a cold, light angel and a kind, dark angel in the “afterlife.” 

Eventually, people they knew come through the Red Star, people like Turaga Nuju and Turaga Onewa and the rest of the Turaga. Then their teammates also die, one by one. First Tahu, then Lewa, then Onua, and lastly Gali. It’s a bittersweet reunion, filled with reminiscing, but Kopaka and Pohatu know that everyone has to be respawned, so they can’t let them remain for too long. After getting all their teammates to join the process, Kopaka and Pohatu hang around a while longer. Then Pohatu dies of heartsickness, missing all his friends who have gone through the Red Star. Kopaka dies soon after for the same reasons.

In the distant future, the six Toa Mata are needed in Spherus Magna and are reborn. But this time, Pohatu and Kopaka are the youngest members instead of Lewa because they were the last to die.

wow ok i didn’t need my emotional well-being today, anyways

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Would you add the gloss of Makuta's quote in Time Trap?



Certainly (here’s the link to the original post, for reference):



Vu     ki    o   akou         urukha-vo    iva’a  kio-pa.

way  that  I   you.OBJ  destroy-can   now  thousand-are

"There are a thousand ways I could destroy you right now."


- The English version of this quote contains an example of an “existential construction”, There are […], which I have removed in the Matoran version. The sentence could be more correctly paraphrased as “Ways that I could destroy you (now) are a thousand.”


Nganruna’anga-kio  ki     rahu   kya     i-ai-pa.

941                           that  pain    do      of-them-are  

"And 941 of them hurt."


- I have taken a few liberties in constructing the number-word ngaruna’anga-kio “941”. First, this number could more correctly be translated “1000 minus 59”, sticking to the principles outlined in this post whereby, if a smaller number (59) precedes a larger number (1000), the smaller number (59) is substracted from the larger number (1000), so 1000 – 59 = 941. The number-word nganruna’anga “59” is derived as follows:

—— First, nganruna’anga is a constraction of a complex term nganuru+ana’anga. The term nganuru is the equivalent of “fifty”, literally ngana "5" and uru “0”, meaning that I’ve defaulted to a base-10 system in this case (rather than base-7 or base-6, as has been suggested). ‘Tis easier.

—— The term ana’anga is “9”. Simple enough.

—— The combined term nganuru+ana’anga follows the principle that, if a smaller number (9) follows a larger number (50), the smaller number (9) is added to the larger (50), so 50 + 9 = 59. Bingo! That’s how to derive the number 941 in Matoran. I realize that this is probably way too complex of a system to be workable long term, but for the short term, I’ll run with it. =p

- Note the translation of “hurt”, rahu kya “lit. to ‘do’ pain; to give pain”.



I’m just still really excited about finishing this and wanted to see all of them in one place so here is a photoset! I really, really like backlight, guys. Individual links below:

Tahu | Lewa | Gali | Pohatu | Onua | Kopaka

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A lot of your 'Read more' posts are gone. Did you delete them?


2 possible solutions:

1) If it was reblogged from my main blog, change the url link from “lokiofthencc0221b” to “starlordofthencc0221b.”

2) If it’s not on this sideblog at all, you will have to find it on my main blog “starlordofthencc0221b.”  Probably under similar tags (#bionicle, #headcanon, #human, #au, etc., it just might take longer).

I hope this helps.  If there’s a specific post you wanted to find, I can probably dig up a link for you.

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Ugh, I can't remember: what was you old username??

Well, my main blog is starlordofthencc0221b.  Before that, it was lokiofthencc0221b.  The Bionicle sideblog has always been atoafriend.






How old are the Bionicle fandom members? I am 14 (i know im a bit young, but ive been a fan of the franchise since 2005, and here in mexico they STILL sell year 1 sets :3 )

17, and ive been with the series since its birth in 01.

20, been around since year 1

I’ve technically been around the whole time, but I got sets before I had memories, so yeah. I was raised w/ bionicle

19.5. I am old.

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Playin' with Human AU. Thinkin' of giving certain non-air Toa elemental wings channeled through a variation of their weapon, since flight is already pre-established as one of their abilities... Sound good or should I just remove that particular ability entirely?


Well…depends on how you do “wings.”  If you’re thinking actual physical wings, it may not work.  Perhaps technically a Toa of Iron could create “iron feathers” and fly with that, but the physics required for that would be insane.  Unless you go to the far end of the fantasy spectrum, there’s no way for elemental wings to be practical unless they were so fantastical to start with that normal physics doesn’t even factor in.  So it depends on how far you want to take the “fantasy” aspect of it.

Now, what I have as an alternative method is utilizing the elemental power as a flying ability.  For example, space shuttle rockets produce plasma, so I reason that a Toa of Plasma could generate plasma beams to fly Iron-Man-style.  Likewise, a Toa of Psionics could use their own ability on themselves to fly, a Toa of Gravity could levitate themselves (but need to find a way to “push” themselves into the direction they want to go, and a Toa of Fire could produce an intense amount of concentrated heat to fly for a short duration (although that would take a lot more effort than it would for a Toa of Plasma, in my opinion).

Again, it depends on how “realistic” or how “fantastic” you want to take it.  The flying ability could manifest itself as elemental wings, independent from the wings’ physical ability to fly.  (I hope that makes sense.)

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atoa’s human!AU cast list (which will receive frequent edits):


Toa Metru:

  • Vakama — Lee Pace
  • Nokama — Freida Pinto
  • Matau — Jim Carrey
  • Onewa — Jensen Ackles
  • Nuju — Arthur Darvill
  • Whenua — Misha Collins

Toa Mata/Nuva:

  • Tahu — Bradley James
  • Gali — Halle Berry
  • Lewa — Tom Hiddleston
  • Pohatu — Nathan Fillion
  • Kopaka — Michael Fassbender
  • Onua — Jared Padalecki

Toa Inika/Mahri:

  • Jaller — Andrew Garfield
  • Hahli — Jennifer Lawrence
  • Kongu — Anthony Mackie
  • Hewkii — Lucas Till
  • Matoro — James McAvoy
  • Nuparu — Mark Ruffalo


  • Takua/Takanuva — Chris Pine
  • Lhikan — Chris Evans
  • Tuyet — Cobie Smulders
  • Makuta Teridax — Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Turaga Dume — Hugh Laurie Peter Capaldi
  • Roodaka — Zoe Saldana

UPDATE: Peter Capaldi as Turaga Dume.